Building Corporate Teams

Team Building Events

Conference team building events

Our corporate team building events at conferences are maximized for emotional connections.

Your group will be talking about their conference team building event for years to come! Your challenge will be to make it even more legendary next year!

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Executive Team Building

Executive Team Building

Let us help you take care of the elephant in the room that is standing in the way of your success.

Collaboration, trust, sharing best practices, team vs. individual ego and integration of divisions are just a few starting points for us to begin building your Legendary Executive Team!

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Team Building Activities

Do It Yourself Team Building Kits

Execute and debrief team building activities like a professional.

We offer physical and downloadable activities that cover leadership, communication, trust, problem solving as well as many other important aspects of team development. We also offer live Facilitator Training.

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Connecting to your community is ALL we do!


Build a bike for a child and meet them as they are onsite to receive it. This is one of the most powerful experiences we offer.

With over 25,000 bikes built by teams and with groups up to 2,500 people, we are the most experienced company providing this experience.


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Assembling shoes for children who have never worn a pair and create a 'Shoe Bank' so they will never be without shoes again!

Combine this with an unforgettable experience of what it is like to live without shoes and we create and incredible connection.


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Experiencing both creativity and innovation in one experience, this activity is fast-paced and fun. Participants create a world changing product and assemble/test a soccer, all from a bag full of trash!


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Based upon the TV show 'Minute to Win It' this combines hysterical fun and philanthropy / community based giving.


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We use corporate team building activities to connect people's heart and minds. Our conference team events are philanthropic and community based, which is how we create the emotion in our team building events.

We help people experience the mastery of Be Legendary as Leaders and Teams, but most important, as people first.

Being Legendary is possible as an entire culture, but begins with a culture of one.

Each person must experience a legendary moment!