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We Create Experiences that Transform People

Legendary Corporate Retreats are DIFFERENT
From start to finish, we thread our retreats with highly impactful experiences. From our Strategic Planning Retreats to our Extreme Retreats (which is what we are most know for), experiences make ALL the difference in a successful retreat. These are not random activities or games. The experiencs are specifically chosen to reinforce critical aspects of the retreat.

If you are searching for a canned retreat in a hotel conference room filled with cheesy team building activities, you have come to the WRONG place!

Our specialty are critical, high-stress retreats. Many of our clients are facing failure, needing MAJOR re-alignment of the team, a connection of tactics to strategy, dealing with serious interpersonal challenges and other equally distressing situations. That is exactly when you need to retreat!

So, how do we define a 'retreat'?
A retreat is any time you, a small group, intentionally set aside a period of time, away from work with the agreement that you will not be disturbed by outside intrusions. This time allows you the ability to get your group back on track, re-energized and focused. Every retreat should be a LAUNCH forward when you return.

There are many different forms of retreats and all retreats are not created equal. Although there are many 'canned' retreat ideas, make sure that you select your location and environment very carefully based upon the people attending and the outcomes you want.

What are some of the examples of retreats we offer?
Oh boy, we LOVE that question! We offer a full-spectrum of different retreats with various outcomes. We hate to refer you to a different website, but we must. Here is our updated website with some examples of some great retreats.

Our most popular retreat is Cabin Fever. That is because it gives us great locations and is incredibly versatile in outcomes. We have used Cabin Fever for every time of need you can imagine and each has been incredible.

Unique Retreats:
These retreats are designed to be highly experiential in nature and are best for building trust, establishing better lines of communication, developing leadership and decision-making strategies -- essentially working on 'soft' skills to create a better group or team. These are highly customized for each group as the needs are vastly different for each team.

We created these extreme retreats for individual leaders wanting to take themselves to the next level of awesomeness. Below is a short clip to give you an idea of what we have done in our Shakubuku Experiences:


Retreat Services:

  • Turn-key planned and facilitated retreat
  • Agenda creation and you facilitate
  • Facilitated experiential activities to break up your retreats
  • DIY Activities for you to run!

Contact us today to learn how we can make your next retreat a valuable use of everyone time!


Expectations from us and TIPS if you are Creating Your Own Retreats are Below:

Location, location, location
Whether you use us or not, carefully consider using a hotel conference room as your retreat location. There are SO many other possibilities at your disposal.

Let's face it, almost any kind of hotel conference setting is not going to help anyone relax and is not conducive to creating a comfortable space. That is the nice way to put it.

Okay, let's be real here - hotel conference room suck. They are the least creative space known to man. And sometimes unavoidable...

One client with a HIGHLY critical retreat surrounding connecting strategy and innovation had no choice but to use a large hotel conference room. We rented couches and standup high bars for people to informally gather. We put together drapes to soften corners and put lights behind them that we could change as neccessary. We use the outside lawn areas of the hotel and the downtown area to find metaphors and get them outside the hotel. There was a great deal more we did but you get the point. We kept it fresh within the limitations of what the hotel had to offer. Most importantly, it worked!

Make sure you use everything at your disposal at your location, especially if at a hotel!

Alternative can be renting a lodge on VRBO, taking over a BnB, renting a castle - YES, we have done it and it is not as expensive as you think. We ran one retreat entirely at a fire station in Oklahoma. Another at an RV park with everyone staying in RVs and we traveled around to local sites for our meetings - it was INCREDIBLE. There are LOTS of options if you open up your mind. However, Format Follows Function - see below.

Please, please, please think hard about presentations at your retreat. With today's technology, we do not need to travel to sit in a dark room and listen to presentations all day! If you are expending the money, time and energy to get everyone in one place, USE THEM.

That does not mean zero presentations, just really think about them and ensure they are absolutely critical.

Should you hire an professional facilitator to run your retreat?
We are biased here because we offer this service. But there is no doubt the tools and resources a professional facilitator brings will be beneficial to your group. However, make sure it is the right faciltiator with the right skillset for your outcomes.

The single greatest factor in selecting whether you will use a professional facilitator is the critical nature of why you are gathering. The more critical the retreat, the greater the need of a real facilitator.

Also, any time you are working with leaders, from senior managers to executives, a professional facilitator will SAVE you money with their expertise of how to make the retreat most effective. However, planning and executing a great retreat is not something just any facilitator can do. Make sure they have the facilitation AND planning expertise for retreats. This is not simply a few days of 'training' which is what most facilitators create in their agenda.

Every great retreat is like breathing - sharp inhales and intentional breathing out. Meaning, inhales are getting people outside their 'comfort zone' of some kind and exhales are allowing them to go back into their comfort zone. Companies who try to mimic what we do don't allow for the exhale. What happens if you inhale and don't exhale? You pass out! Participants will pass out too and you have lost them entirely.

3Fs - Format Follows Function
This means that ever single aspect of the retreat serves a purpose in moving the outcomes forward. Look at everything - feel, environment, temperature, clothing, nutrition - to help create what you need to achieve in the retreat.

Contact us today if we can help you with any aspect of your retreat. We