Trust Building Activities

Trust building exercises, games and activities help promote a strong bond betwen team members and co-workers.

Trust is the culmination of good communication and constant maintenance. Relationships are based upon trust and cannot exist without it. Taking the time to practice trust building is not only a good idea, it is absolutely necessary from time to time.

Great books to consider reading:

  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Speed of Trust

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Below are the best trust building, team building exercises and activities we have used:


Get It Together, $74.95

The purpose of this exercise is to practice clear communication and develop keys to trust during challenging and confusing times.

This event will remind people in each position what the other role feels like and lend insights to improving relations between the two.

A glimpse into Get It Together

After pairing up, one blindfolded person goes into a large circle to retrieve certain items, with only their partners instructions as guidance. The catch here is the partner must stay on the outside of the circle. Still seems fairly simple until all the pairs are in the middle at the same time.

This activity is a step beyond our Trust Walk team building exercise and helps participants experience the need for trust, the need for planning and the difficulties of communicating while being both coach and coachee.

Most importantly, this is fun!

Ideal For: Coaching, trust, communication.

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Knot A Team, $39.95

The purpose of this exercise is to bring group members closer together.

Physically they will be close together, and the reality of their interdependence is played out in this game.

Touch creates a setting for cohesiveness and teamwork, and begins breaking down the invisible walls we have around us. The tools it will take to unravel the knot are the same tools needed to overcome challenges the company or team will face.

Ideal For: Decision making, problem solving, pure fun, communication.

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Trust Walk, $99.95

Trust Walk is about leading, following, trusting and communicating.

Many leadership styles emerge during this event. Whatever the experience, the Trust Walk is a powerful learning opportunity.

A glimpse into Trust Walk

After pairing up, each individual takes turns leading the other person through obstacles - we provide 100% safe, but very real, mouse traps and rat traps - and overcoming adversity. While a very simplistic activity, many people find it difficult to trust their partner and find they will 'cheat'.

Because it is so simple, very few people take the time to strategize or find out exactly how far 'X' number of steps is for their partner. This create the scenario for a great lesson in coaching -- we need to communicate with other people the way THEY hear it best, not the way WE hear it best. This is an activity every manager should master before going back to work!

With several variations, you can run this activity with both pairs alone and then all the pairs together at the same time to create a completely different level of communication.

We do not recommend driving a motorized vehicle during this event!

An advanced version of this game is Get It Together!

Ideal For: Trust building, communication, coaching.

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