Holiday Party Spirit Program

Want more than your standard, semi-boring holiday party where everyone simply talks about work?

Check out our Holiday Spirit Program!

Summary of the Program
An hour after you have begun, when colleagues return to their corporate festivities, a newfound sense of purpose and shared philanthropy bonds them.

Spurred by their goodwill reflecting back through the eyes of ecstatic children, the ensuing celebration is suffused with a never before seen depth of team atmosphere.

More Details
You want the first 60 minutes of your regular 'cocktail' hour to go as it normally would.

But after this, under the guise of being judged by “community leaders,” small groups of participants are charged with devising a 60-second 'family-friendly', holiday-themed skit and with wrapping an assigned gift.

However, unbeknowst to your participating colleagues, these so-called “community leaders” are underprivileged children from the local community and the wrapped gifts are precisely what each of them most desires for Christmas.

Once the skits have been performed, the adults and children spend some time getting to know each other one on one. After 10 minutes or so of playing and talking with the children, the presents are distributed to each child. This is the moment that brings lasting and mile-wide smiles to both your colleagues and the children alike.

With Repario Ltd.’s holiday program kicking off your holiday office party, this year’s holiday party is sure to be one that’s not soon forgotten.

And in the spirit of the holiday season Repario is giving this program away...


We are giving away everything you will need to throw your very own Holiday Spirit Office Party.

And it gets even better...

Repario will be available to answer any questions you might have as you are planning your holiday spirit office party. Simply call our 800 number and a Repario representative will be available to answer any and all your questions. Once again...FOR FREE!

You may be asking, 'what's the catch?'

As you very well know, nothing is ever given away completely free. Repario will clearly benefit from giving this program away in 2 very important ways:

  1. We will be able to unleash this program on a very large scale and in turn gain some wonderful exposure for our company.
  2. We will further improve and deepen our relationship with Big Brothers and Sisters by providing their kids with toys and gifts they would otherwise not have - nationwide.

But as much as Repario will benefit from giving this program away, we also simply want to reach out to the community during this holiday season to bring smiles to the faces of your employees and to the faces of less fortunate children all over the world.

It's a way of giving back and saying thank you to a community who has brought Repario wonderful success and prosperity. We are eternally grateful for this and understand the importance of sending our thanks and expressing our gratitude.

Thank You!

If you feel that implementing the Holiday Spirit Office Party program is to large or daunting a task for you, Repario is available to plan and facilitate the program for you. We will handle all the details from start to end, ensuring a powerful and impactful experience for your organization.

Give us a call if this seems a better solution for your upcoming holiday office party.

If you would like to receive your free holiday spirit office party guide please simply fill out the form below.

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