FastTrack Team Building

FastTrack Teams

Have a group that needs to hit the ground running?

Need a group to start working together - yesterday?

Members of teams don't need to like each other, but they must work together and it must happen quickly.

We can help.

Our Fast Track Team Building will:

  1. Create a shared experience for all group members that establishes trust and opens lines of communication for honest feedback.
  2. Establish an infrastructure that will prevent or minimize problems.
  3. Create good team habits before problems arise.
  4. Develop team processes for decision making, conflict resolution, communication, and accountability.
  5. Establish cohesiveness within and among teams.


Who is this service designed for?

Senior Management Teams

    Many senior management teams battle with conflicting priorities, politics, and a lack of clarity and agreement about the group’s vision and goals.

    Fast Track Team Culture provides the structure to align team members, remove the politics, and achieve the results you know are possible.

    The team that is leading your organization above all needs to work together cohesively, innovatively and provide the leadership that the organization needs to succeed.

Project Teams

    Project teams often get stuck before they get started while members get to know each other, sort out ego conflicts, and develop a process for working together.

  • Newly forming teams
  • Globally distributed teams
  • Cross-functional teams

How do we accomplish the Fast Track?

Newly forming teams follow a six week program that incorporates tools for managing their processes through all phases of the team development cycle.

Tools provide easy to follow format: Description, Steps, Tips, and Worksheets

Teams revisit appropriate tools if problems occur or if they begin to drift in purpose.

Fast Track the process and get results quickly with Repario's Fast Track Team Building.

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