Managing with Awareness

Managing with Awareness (2-4 Hour Version)


An onsite, customized interactive learning experience especially for managers, supervisors and team leaders in groups from 5 to 20 that targets the following kinds of management issues:


Workshop Objectives:

  1. To enable all participants to increase their awareness of the need to:

    a) Recognize and respect everyone they manage and meet in work settings, and
    b) Better contribute to their organization

    We accomplish this by providing them with some simple, straightforward communication and self-management tools.

  2. To permit all participants to apply the seminar concepts to everyday situations they face on the job by practicing these tools in the workshop. In particular, the focus will be providing greater awareness of the impact they have on others through their everyday behaviors in the role of manager or employee.

1. Introduction (Client Manager): Vision of Manager/Employee Role -- 5-15 min
2. Introduction by David Gerard: Review of Objectives & Agenda -- 5 min
3. Self-Introductions by Participants – 5-15 min
4. Ice Breaker Exercise: “Sensitive vs. Insensitive” – 5-15 min
5. Survey Tool: Gaining Immediate Self-Knowledge – 15-20 min
6. Tool #1: Managing Communications Stumbling Blocks – 30-60 min
7. Tool #2: Managing Boundaries at Work – 30-60 min
8. Action Steps: Applying “tools” to everyday work life – 20-45 min

Help your managers obtain some skills that will help them communicate better build their employees into a supportive, cohesive group.

Contact us at 800-513-8759 for more information, to schedule your workshop and to discuss how to internally market the workshop for maximum effect - almost everyone feels they are quite good at this already.

An 8-hour version is also available upon request.

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