Repario specializes in adventure team building challenges that are both fun and meangingful. We believe that these types of challenges offer a unique opportunity for building effective teams. Below are some considerations when choosing an appropriate adventure team building challenge.

Adventure Team Building Challenges - Are They Right for You?

Adventure team building challenges can be some of the greatest forms of team building. These challenges take people out of their comfort zone and to a place of learning opportunities.That said, adventure challenges must be chosen very carefully after asking yourself a few questions:

  1. Why an adventure team building challenge vs. a non adventure team building challenge?
  2. What is the #1 objective you are trying to accomplish during your team building and how does an adventure team building challenge accomplish that more than a non adventure team building challenge?
  3. Have you considered all the limitations that are typically involved with an adventure team building challenge such as physical limitations of the participants, and volatility of the weather?

If you answered those questions and are not sure if an adventure team building challenge is right for you, we can help you choose a non adventure team building challenge that will accomplish your goals.

However, if you have answered those questions and still believe that an adventure team building challenge is the right choice for you, congratulations! Adventure team building challenges are like nothing most have experienced. There are many different types of adventure team building challenges:

  • Challenge courses or ropes courses
  • Sailing
  • Rafting
  • The Ultimate Wilderness Hunt
  • Backcountry packing with or without horses
  • Wilderness orienteering

The list of adventure team building challenges we provide is almost limitless. Please contact one of our representatives for help choosing the perfect adventure team building challenge for your group.

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