Legendary insights

What are Legendary Insights?

Legendary Insights are focused sessions that help you gain clarity and elicit the legendary potential within a specific topic or siutation. Each session results in actionable steps you can take immediately.

Part facilitation, part coaching and all about you and your situation. Legendary Insights have covered an incredible range of topics:

  • * 'Team' activities that will connect the values and beliefs of my group.
  • * Discovering your Legendary Intent - "If I accomplish nothing else in this life, I will _____________."
  • * Connecting a message to a group and connect hearts and minds to message.
  • * Creating a customized set of activities to bring out legendary customer service.
  • * What are small steps to be taken on a daily basis to achieve my Lendary Intent?
  • * Reading and reviewing messaging being sent out to internal and external people - am I creating trust? Will people see my true desire to be helpful? How might it be taken negatively?


Be Legendary Principles

Our goal is to spread how the Be Legendary principles work in action:


Through our session, you will see how to begin using the principles above to create exactly what you want in any sitaution.

These are the principles used by every 'legendary' person in history, whether they knew it or not.

We did not create these principles. We researched legendary people, found what they had in common and codified what they do so we can all learn from them.

Legendary Insights Details

Legendary Insights are confidential.

How do Insights work? Very simple and easy. Call us and ask to speak with someone about Legendary Insights. We will speak with you immediately or schedule a call with you for another time.

Why do we charge? While we want to help as many people as possible, we do also have to make a living and we cannot

What do we charge? Don't worry about the cost! Your first call is complimentary. After that call we will send you information about future costs and you can decide later if it was worth it and want to call again.