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The Lesson I Learned from Doodle Jump

August 8 20112 Commented

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So I was going through my touch flipping through applications the other day, when I came across it.  Doodle Jump.  For those of you who don’t know what Doodle Jump is, it’s an insanely addictive game where you move a little Doodler as he jumps from platform to platform, evading obstacles and monsters, to try […]

What’s Your Story?

May 29 2011No Commented

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What if there was an immeasurable power that existed. This power could transform your reality.  It could bring hope, optimism, motivation, change, love, achievement, and beauty to your life.  Would you use this power, going after everything you wanted, or would you simply let it go to waste? This power is the story of you.  […]

Little Achievements Create a Big Difference

April 13 2011No Commented

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It is the tiniest parts of life that can make the the biggest differences.  A chess player won’t overlook the necessity of its pawns and a sprinter knows the importance of a tenth of a second. A moment is valuable. Some more then others, but if we start to chuck them out the window like worthless […]

Have an Unreasonable Look on Life

April 11 2011one Commented

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We interact with life through a set of contexts, a scale of possibilities.  The bar gets set and everything under it becomes achievable. We become familiar with the scales of our lives telling us what we can or cannot do.  Everything within it, achievable.  Everything beyond it, unknown. If a 3 mile run is part of a person’s […]