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5 Ways to Ensure Your Teambuilding Will Suck

January 21 2014No Commented

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By James Carter There are many reasons why a team building activity will fail.  Meaning it sucked.  Let’s be honest, there are many that are really terrible.  We have run a few of them ourselves that utterly failed.  It is embarrassing to admit and it is almost always because we committed one of the 5 […]

Common Questions About Corporate Team Building

December 8 2012No Commented

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Corporate team building is the newest innovation that is being used to incorporate positive attitude to the workforce for the main goal achieving the aim of the company. In the present working environment, we are faced with the fact that we have no choice but to work with people who have multifaceted characteristics. We use […]

Cargill Builds 15 Bicycles for the Geneva Boys and Girls Club

July 2 2012No Commented

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Cargill set a Legendary precedent kicking off their three-day, northeastern conference building 15 bicycles for the youngsters of the local Boys and Girls Club of Geneva. With corporate responsibility threading together their international initiatives in food and agriculture, they were given a unique opportunity to literally give back to their customers. As 180 Cargill employees […]

Extreme Executive Retreat

April 10 2012one Commented

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By James Carter Tim Hume of CNN interviewed Founder and CEO, James Carter, about the extreme nature of our executive retreats and why they are essential for some executive teams: A short article can never capture everything that is important but Tim does a great job of highlighting the role these retreats have in the […]

The Carrot and Stick Approach No Longer Applies

April 6 20122 Commented

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Most of the time, business is at the forefront of change in our society. Sometimes, on the cutting and bleeding edge of change.

But from time to time, business is sadly behind what we know to be fact.

This is especially true when it comes to what motivates employees within a company.

Traditionally, a ‘Carrot and Stick’ approach to rewarding employees has worked very well.

A goal is set and if you achieve it, you get the carrot. If you fail to achieve it, you get the stick.

According to Dan Pink, author of Drive, the Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us, the carrot and stick still work, but in narrowly defined areas.

Myers Briggs (MBTI) as a Team Building Tool

June 10 2009No Commented

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We talk a lot about tools for use in team building. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tools available and used in ‘team building’ situations. Whether it is a true ‘team building’ or not is not relevant here as Myers Briggs is actually an individual tool first. However, a short discussion of tools are […]

10-Step Survival Guide for Tough Times

December 7 2008No Commented

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Times are tough. 2 million jobs lost in 2008, 533,000 in November alone, the most in 34 years.  Manufacturing is down.  Now the automotive industry is requiring a bailout. The economy is moving into a very difficult and tumultuous time.  We are all feeling nervous about what is coming.  Even companies in strong positions are […]

The Five C’s Of Managing Virtual Teams

July 1 2008No Commented

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Written with Jennifer Rasmussen Your face to face kickoff meeting has just been deemed nonessential travel by the powers that be. The project, however, is just as essential as ever. The team members are scattered in offices all over the country. They’ve never met, seen, or heard each other, but they need to work as […]

Accountability Starts with You! Excuse Me?

June 2 2008No Commented

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Accountability is a funny thing. Ask almost anyone if they hold themselves accountable and you will receive one of several replies: ‘Of course!’, ‘Sure!’, ‘I do, but no one else seems to!’. And then reading a book recently about personal accountability and read this statement: ‘Accountability starts with you!’ I could not stop laughing. Perhaps […]

Team Building Turns Ugly For School Board

September 23 2007No Commented

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A great example of ‘team building’ gone wrong. You cannot jump into discussion without having a common experience to draw from and begin conversation in a safe arena.