Have an Unreasonable Look on Life

11. April 2011 Legendary 1

We interact with life through a set of contexts, a scale of possibilities.  The bar gets set and everything under it becomes achievable.

We become familiar with the scales of our lives telling us what we can or cannot do.  Everything within it, achievable.  Everything beyond it, unknown.

If a 3 mile run is part of a person’s daily workout, they generally accomplish it with little doubt.  They have a resume of successes from all their past runs.  It acts as evidence for their ability – known, definite, and achievable.

Now say this person is asked to go on a 10 mile run.  “Woah, hold on a sec now. That’s far.”

It is far if you’ve been used to 3 mile runs, but if you’re a person training for a marathon, 10 miles is a breeze.

It’s all about the context of the situation and the scales you have built in your life. They tell you what you can do just as much as they tell you what you cannot.

Think about all the scales in your life.  Money, friends, enjoyment, exercise, success, creativity, knowledge, all set to a scale, our scale.  I make x amount of money, I have y number of friends, I exercise that much, I’m this creativite.  We fulfill these expectations for ourselves, but we have trouble surpassing them.

Change your scale, shift your context.  Be unrealistic, be unreasonable.  If you expect to run 10 miles everyday, even if you only get 5 or 6, it still makes that 3 miles a breeze.

Soon you set a new scale for yourself.  You start gathering new evidence, accomplishing new things.

Everything you have done has currently gotten you to where you are.  The context of your life shows all your current known abilities.  Raise that bar.

Everything done this far is known, because it is past.  The goals you set for the future can fall in line with your current context or they can be completely unrealistic in comparison.

Some would say it’s not good to be unreasonable or unrealistic.  But when you’re reasonable you use the same strategies that worked before, the same scales that you know you will find success in.

If you set the bar high for yourself, if you embrace different strategies, set different goals, look at things with a new perspective you will breakthrough to new areas of your life.

Don’t live life to scale, that just isn’t realistic.

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