Little Achievements Create a Big Difference

13. April 2011 Legendary 0

It is the tiniest parts of life that can make the the biggest differences.  A chess player won’t overlook the necessity of its pawns and a sprinter knows the importance of a tenth of a second.

A moment is valuable. Some more then others, but if we start to chuck them out the window like worthless pennies, we will most definitely neglect some of the most worthwhile ones.

Life comes at us in waves.  Literally, giant, oceanic, swirling waves.  Heaps of water crashing down, each with different breaking points.

In the midst of all this chaos of crashing, it becomes increasingly difficult to hone in on a single molecule of water.  Each is part of a chain of events created by ripples and wind speed.  In the midst of a wave, it is tough to appreciate a single drop of water.  But it is the change in air pressure flickering across the individual molecules of water that gives birth to this massive swell – this unstoppable movement of change.

And so the culmination of these water molecules create something much bigger then itself.  The same principle can be applied to life.  Little achievements can make a big difference.  In fact little achievements are the path to a big difference.

Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, illustrates the power of small successes though an unprecedented debt-fighting technique.  While most financial consultants will take the obvious steps of paying out the highest interest debts first, Ramsey takes a different tactic, focusing in on other outstanding payments.

His game plan is simple, pay off the minimum payment on all outstanding debts and then put the rest of your money to paying off the smallest debt.  Ramsey completely disregards high-interest debts.  The idea being that you will quickly pay off the smallest loan and then move on to the next, and the next, creating a snowball effect of money being applied to the sequential debt payment.

You need quick wins to get you fired up.  Our brain responds to these positive outcomes, giving us signs of hope.  The timeless sports quote, “a win is a win,” could not be more true.  Our mind recognizes and is stimulated by these accomplishments, no matter the size.  They motivate us, rallying a mental effort preparing for the next positive feeling of a win.

Ramsey says, “If you pay $185 toward a $20,000 debt on a high interest credit card, you’re still going to feel hopeless. But if you completely pay off a $185 overdue utility bill, you can cross that off your list. You’ve won a small victory over debt.”

When we face overwhelming moments in life, those gigantic, crashing waves, we tend to avoid them.  A wave builds up and breaks down by instinct. It is its very nature.  Following this visceral pattern of mother nature, can aid in the accomplishment of extraordinary things.  Break down looming obstacles, build up legendary moments.  The tiniest actions, fit into our daily lives, stimulate positive emotions, and build a changing surge filled with the thrill of ecstasy, the power of legendary.

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