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Enel Green Power Walks on Fire!

June 25 2012No Commented

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Walk on fire. Surely that is impossible. Right? What if we looked beyond the predetermined notions of what is and is not possible? This mindset is exactly what the executives of Enel Green Power challenged themselves to as the sun set and the fires roared on Friday night. Having no idea of the feats they […]

California Pizza Kitchen Inspires Action on Sailing Adventure

June 18 2012No Commented

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Executives of the California Pizza Kitchen are creating positive change within their organization taking the time to invest in their most important asset, their people.  Keeping this in the forefront of their mind, they were challenged to learn, communicate, and constantly adapt to a changing environment as they sailed through Newport harbor. When you examine […]

Extreme Executive Retreat

April 10 2012one Commented

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By James Carter Tim Hume of CNN interviewed Founder and CEO, James Carter, about the extreme nature of our executive retreats and why they are essential for some executive teams: A short article can never capture everything that is important but Tim does a great job of highlighting the role these retreats have in the […]