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Novartis’s reCreation Event Supports Indian Summer Camp

January 30 2012one Commented

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On January 8, 2012, Novartis kicked off the new year with more than just good intentions.  Donating $9,500 and 120 One World Futbols to Indian Summer Camp, a place for children who are going through or recovering from cancer, this company took intentional actions to make a difference in the lives of others. Taking team […]

A to Z Media Goes Beyond Traditional Team Building

December 29 2011No Commented

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Building a dream in the most literal sense, the creative gurus of A to Z Media came together to build three bicycles for three very special guests. On a day that painted the pictures of a traditional team building experience, these individuals built much more than that.  With the foundation of their core beliefs and […]

DeVry Builds 108 Bicycles and 108 Dreams

December 15 2011No Commented

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What is a dream? The word gets tossed around in our day to day lives eluding to hopes and desires.  By its very definition, a dream is unreal, intangible, and breeches the realm of possibility.  It is a world of our creation, and yet on December 9, 2011, 620 participants of DeVry Inc. took a […]

Sole Purpose in New Jersey

November 11 2011one Commented

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Last week on a rainy Tuesday morning, 35 Novo Nordisk employees were gathering for a 2-hour team building event.  Ah, team building.  It can be like nails on a chalkboard.  Some people look at it as a break from their daily routine, while others look at it as a complete waste of time.  Together you […]

Mission Unstoppable

September 29 2011one Commented

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Mission: Build 20 Jamis Bicycles Team: Bain Capital Location: Lenox, Massachusetts Outcome: Change the lives of 20 extraordinary children Changing Mission Impossible to Mission Unstoppable, we have launched yet another successful bike build in beautiful Lenox, Massachusetts.  Teaming up with an extraordinary team of individuals at Edgework Consulting, we set up tables where 20 large, […]

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

June 3 20112 Commented

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The difference between intention and action is courage.  It gives life to our virtues.  It is the foundation that creates a reality around those beliefs. The word courage comes from the same stem as the French word Coeur, meaning heart. In Rollo May’sThe Courage to Create, he explains how courage is the essence that pumps vitality into […]

The Need for Challenge

June 1 2011No Commented

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There was an Indian tribe residing in the Shuswap region of British Colombia.  This specific region was considered by the Indian people to be a rich place.  There was plenty of salmon and game, vast amounts of below-ground resources, and plenty of fertile land.  They built village sites and had elaborate technologies to effectively cultivate the resources.  The Indians […]

Follow Your Instincts

May 1 20112 Commented

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Decision making occurs on a moment to moment basis. Sometimes it is automatic. We make decisions that are so second nature we don’t even realize they’re decisions. Sometimes we think long and hard. We try and gather all the information we can and rely on reason to guide us on making the right choice. Rationality is […]

Little Achievements Create a Big Difference

April 13 2011No Commented

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It is the tiniest parts of life that can make the the biggest differences.  A chess player won’t overlook the necessity of its pawns and a sprinter knows the importance of a tenth of a second. A moment is valuable. Some more then others, but if we start to chuck them out the window like worthless […]

Sole Purpose

February 12 2011No Commented

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This past Thursday we brought our legendary intent to 900 very extraordinary SFL employees in Quebec City with the launching of our Sole Purpose event.  Partnering with Soles4Souls, we are taking a joint effort to get shoes to the 300 million inhabitants of developing countries who have no such luxury.  But instead of just shipping out a […]