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How to Identify Worthwhile Actions

July 15 2011No Commented

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How do you know which actions are worthwhile and which are not?  Anyone who has an appetite for the taste of success thrives to take meaningful steps towards it, but what do those steps look like? The most pivotal and overlooked component for success is its starting point.  Teddy Gross, founder of Penny Harvest, has […]

What’s Your Story?

May 29 2011No Commented

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What if there was an immeasurable power that existed. This power could transform your reality.  It could bring hope, optimism, motivation, change, love, achievement, and beauty to your life.  Would you use this power, going after everything you wanted, or would you simply let it go to waste? This power is the story of you.  […]

Have an Unreasonable Look on Life

April 11 2011one Commented

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We interact with life through a set of contexts, a scale of possibilities.  The bar gets set and everything under it becomes achievable. We become familiar with the scales of our lives telling us what we can or cannot do.  Everything within it, achievable.  Everything beyond it, unknown. If a 3 mile run is part of a person’s […]

The Fox and the Hedgehog

March 19 2011No Commented

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There is the common misconception that with the influx of information there is an increase in knowledge. We live in a world of rationalizers. I am going to tell you right here and now that openness is the remedy to a fixed mindset.  Now let me momentarily diverge to give clarity to this idea of filtered […]

We See What We Look For

January 2 2011No Commented

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Consider this.  Two people watch a speech.  Both hear the exact same words, and yet both come up with drastically different conclusions. How does this happen? Well let’s say this were a speech about politics, and one person was a democrat while the other a republican.  Each person would see facts reaffirming their preexisting views. The brain and […]