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A Push Forward

July 26 2011No Commented

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We must constantly reevaluate what we do and not let habits and past wisdom blind us to new possibilities. Apple just launched their newest operating system, OS X Lion, last week.  Like any new idea, people are excited about the change, but weary of its unfamiliarity.  Just like people who are fretful about the idea […]

How to Identify Worthwhile Actions

July 15 2011No Commented

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How do you know which actions are worthwhile and which are not?  Anyone who has an appetite for the taste of success thrives to take meaningful steps towards it, but what do those steps look like? The most pivotal and overlooked component for success is its starting point.  Teddy Gross, founder of Penny Harvest, has […]

The Fox and the Hedgehog

March 19 2011No Commented

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There is the common misconception that with the influx of information there is an increase in knowledge. We live in a world of rationalizers. I am going to tell you right here and now that openness is the remedy to a fixed mindset.  Now let me momentarily diverge to give clarity to this idea of filtered […]