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14 Actelion Employees Built a Better Tomorrow

May 15 2012No Commented

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Fourteen member of Actelion’s sales teams highlighted that in one afternoon one group with a common purpose can make a meaningful and steadfast difference. How? The power of play. Ninety-four percent of four-year-old children scored significantly above average in creativity.  On their eighth birthday, only four percent of these children scored high for creativity. Each […]

Can Work and Play Co-Exist

July 13 201110 Commented

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“If it isn’t fun, why do it?” says Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Its ironic that what many of us dread, another day of work, is supposed to be an environment for productivity, creativity, and innovation. Work and play are considered opposite ends of the spectrum.  But can the two co-exist?  Can we have […]

Make Sure Every Aspect of Your Meeting Serves Two Purposes

April 8 20093 Commented

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The old days of silly ‘team building’ is over. There is a time and place for bonding, but with meeting time precious, make sure any time you spend is serving at least two purposes. Years ago I was First Mate on an 80-foot sailing vessel and there were a couple of simple rules: Every item […]