Be Legendary specializes in innovative leadership activites that are designed to instill leadership in non-leaders and nurture leadership in established leaders. We firmly believe that leadership activities offer a unique opportunity for developing skills that will last a life-time. Below are some examples of how we implement our leadership activity ideas.

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Ideas for a successful leadership activity

Ideas for leadership activities are abundant if you search the internet for more than five minutes.

Our favorite leadership activity ideas are the ones that let people experience being both follower and leader. You cannot have a leader without followers and a group of followers without a leader is a mess!

Many people do not have the opportunity to experience being a leader and so, fear the possibility. As a leader, you have the opportunity to look very dumb. This is why a leadership activity is so useful.

A leadership activity gives people the opportunity to be a leader in a safe learning environment – it is just a ‘game’.

One of my favorite icebreakers is also a great leadership activity idea. It is called Chain of Command.

You line everyone up facing one direction so each person, except for the first person, is facing someone’s back. Without turning around, they must reorganize according to hair length.

Natural leaders tend to go to the front, and natural followers go to the back. However, the person in the front can do nothing but follow, and the person in the back has the greatest leadership potential as they can see everyone’s hair!

There are many variations to this leadership activity idea to make it more difficult as the group accomplishes the task several different ways.

If you need help selecting the perfect leadership activity, or simply have a leadership activity idea you would like to share, please call any one of our facilitators. We would love to hear from you!

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