Effective Facilitator Training


Facilitate experiential activities like a professional. Learn from experts who have been running hundreds of sessions per year for 15 year!

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Boulder, CO - BOOKED!
May 8-10, 2014
Location: University of Colorado, Boulder


San Diego, CA
October 23-25, 2014
University of California, San Diego

Price: $895 per person and bring a collegue for free!

What do I Receive?

Bound copy of Effective Facilitators Handbook

Two and a half days of experiential training with our Founder and Aspiring Legend, James Carter.  This  may be the last time he leads this workshop

Eligibility to become a Be Legendary Facilitator at our engagement

Copy of 'Roadmap to Success', authored by James Carter, Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard

Copy of 'Discover Your Inner Strength', authored by James Carter, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy and others.

A fun environment to learn and test your skills.

Learn with the activities and tools we use in our own workshops and programs.

Discounts when purchasing our products.

What Will I Learn?

  • The Single Most Important Responsibility of a Great Facilitator
  • The Single Most Abused Role of a Poor Facilitator
  • The Greatest Challenge of all Facilitators
  • How to select, setup, execute and process a successful activity
  • Facilitative behaviors of a professional facilitator
  • How to overcome resistance, seek clarity and intervene in the right situations.bulletHow to diffuse negativity in small groups.

What will we do?

You will:

  1. Learn how to run and debrief activities.
  2. Facilitate and process an activity from start to finish.
  3. Receive feedback from participants and professionals about your facilitation.
  4. Spend very little time in classroom-style learning.  This about experiential learning, so we will experience!
  5. This will be an active workshop in which you will not only learn from a professional facilitator, not only participate in actual activities, but also RUN the activities and DEBRIEF a real activity. 

Program Objectives
As a result of your participation in this program, you will:

  • Become familiar with a simple, practical framework for designing and leading effective meeting, group planning sessions and other facilitated events.
  • Understand and be able to use a range of strategies and techniques for developing and maintaining consensus.
  • Learn skills to deal with disruptive, difficult meeting behaviors and dominating team members.
  • Develop an increased ability to support organizational change.
  • Gain an increased sense of confidence and leave energized to take on a greater leadership role within your organization.

Setting the Foundation

  • Understand what a facilitated session is and when to use (or not use).
  • Identify the benefits and critical success factors related to facilitation.

Facilitate the Process

  • Open the session
  • Apply session methods and techniques such as icebreakers, information gathering, categorizing, prioritizing, and energizing.
  • Maintain focus on the desired outcome.
  • Engage participants.
  • Record the session results.
  • Close the session.

Facilitate Yourself

  • Self-assess performance.
  • Maintain neutrality.
  • Facilitate or lead when you’re the boss.
  • Understand problem solving and decision-making models, when and how to use them.

Facilitate the Event

  • Define the session objectives, deliverables, participants, and roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify room layout, equipment, and supplies requirements.
  • Create a session agenda and detailed facilitator’s agenda.

Facilitate the Group

  • Understand and apply communication techniques such as active listening, inclusiveness, playback, physical and verbal interventions, and consensus building.
  • Understand and manage group behavior and group dynamics.

Key Benefits of Effective Facilitator Training

  • Facilitation is a ‘Life’ skill that can be used in many areas of your life.
  • Unveil the power of structured, collaborative thinking paired with action for achieving business goals.
  • Cultivate the potential of a group by involving participants in building consensus and promoting quick results while creating opportunities for broader-based participation and influence.
  • Generate more and better solutions to problems.
  • Understand the importance of, and develop commitment to, the preparation necessary to achieve meeting objectives.
  • Manage (or better yet, prevent) dysfunctional behavior in the group.
  • Practice facilitation techniques with interactive feedback and coaching.


We leave the agenda details open for the very same reason we do not facilitate with an agenda, we will leave the learning up to you! While there are certain ‘classroom’ elements that will, and must, occur to give everyone a baseline of knowledge, you will help direct which elements receive the most attention.However, there are a few items that WILL occur during those two days:

  1. You WILL learn how to run and debrief activities.
  2. You WILL facilitate and process an activity from start to finish.
  3. You WILL receive feedback from participants and professionals about your facilitation.

However, we will tell you that you will begin at 8:30 AM and end at 5:30 PM, unless the group changes it onsite. You will have some time to eat, but we are not exactly sure when. There will be breaks, but when the group decides we need one!

The cost for the 2.5-day Effective Facilitator Training is $895.00. Bring a partner or colleague for free! With a partner, your learning will be stronger and you will have someone to help you moving forward!


We look forward to meeting you!