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Teambuilding : teachers and the challenges they face with No Child Left Behind

Teambuilding with teachers is quite possibly the most difficult task we face. The paradigm that teachers operate by is changing with NCLB – No Child Left Behind.

In the past, teachers were simply told to run their classroom as they see fit – lords of their own small kingdom!

With NCLB, teachers now face the need for true ‘teambuilding’ because they are, for the first time ever, truly a team. The problem is that principals and administrators grew up in the old system. They do not know how to provide teambuilding for teachers! Especially teachers who are now very resentful of the situation they have been placed in.

We could spend weeks discussing the merits of NCLB, but that would get us no closer to your needs – how to provide meaningful teambuilding for teachers.

Meaning, how do I bring these teachers together as a team? This is easier said than done, even for a professional facilitator.

But we are putting the finishing touches on a program to help called No Teacher Left Behind.

The No Teacher Left Behind Program is a blended learning program that begins with a retreat in the fall and is followed by several levels of support throughout the school year to help bring the teachers together and includes teambuilding, personal coaching, teambuilding games and activities to use with both teachers and students.

If you would like more information about the No Teacher Left Behind Program, please call any one of our representatives. We would be more than happy to give you more information, answer any questions you might have, or simply knock around a few ideas that may help you.

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