Repario specializes in teambuilding treasure hunts that are designed to help people reconnect, mix together and have a great time. We believe that a well planned treasure hunt offers unique opportunities for strengthening relationship in teams. Below is a discussion of how we implement fun and meaningful teambuilding treasure hunts.
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Teambuilding Treasure Hunt

teambuildin treasure hunt mapTeambuilding treasure hunts can be extremely fun and engaging, or they can simply flop. The same treasure hunt we had as kids simply won't be sufficient. Although components of it may work well.

A fad right now is to create a teambuilding treasure hunt, scavenger hunt or something similar and put in all kinds of gadets – GPS units, cell phones, PDAs, etc. On the surface this seems like a great idea, but if you are responsible for a teambuilding treasure hunt, you need to think about the consequences and what the participants will learn.

Is one of the objectives of the teambuilding treasure hunt to learn how to use a GPS unit? If not, don’t use it! Do you want everyone to figure out how to use their cell phone even better? Once again, if not, don’t use them.

What you really want out of a teambuilding treasure hunt is for coworkers to reconnect, mix together and have a good time. If they are focused on how to make that *&#$%@! GPS unit work, they are NOT going to reconnect and there WILL NOT be any teambuilding occuring.

You might want to take a look at The Ultimate Hunt, our version of a teambuilding treasure hunt. We designed it from the ground up to be exactly the kind of fun teambuilding treasure hunt I'm talking about.

Please call any one of our facilitators for more details. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have or bounce ideas around until you find what you are looking for in your perfect teambuilding treasure hunt.

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