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Exciting Eco and Adventure Retreats at
Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Fishing and Ecotours

Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica is a four star resort equipped to accommodate our executive retreat groups seeking to explore one of Costa Rica's most ecologically intense regions! We offer executives access to bilingual, private guides who will astonish you with their knowledge of Costa Rica's flora and fauna.

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine, it is the dead of winter and your executives are waiting the conference room at 4:30 AM after being told to pack a simple overnight bag. In walks in a person holding a simple index card with instructions and the retreat begins!

The clues will lead them to a set of envelopes that contain keys, a cell phone, some random tools and further clues.

They will break up into small groups and the race begins without them knowing where there journey will take them.

The group will eventually find themselves at the airport airline counter, asking where they are going. Miami?!

At the Miami airport they will be approached by strangers (Repario staff) and given more clues and a key. The clues lead them to the right lockers where they will find their passport and new overnight bag filled with tropical attire. The final clue in the locker will lead them again to the airline counter where they discover they are on their way to San Jose, Costa Rica.

This is just the beginning of an incredible experience your group will have. If we can do this with the drudgery of travel, imagine what we can do in a place like the Oso Peninsula where they fly by charter the next day.

While we include many of our traditional activities and signature Repario facilitation, the Oso Peninsual offers other possibilities.

Potential Activities

During your three-day adventure, you can pick from any of the activities below:

The Osa Rainforest Horseback Riding
Waterfall Climbing & Rappelling Butterfly Farm & Crocodile Lagoon
Cross Country Biking Sunset Ocean Kayak
Town/Culture Bicycle Tour Mangrove Kayak Ecotour
Bird Watching Scavenger Hunt Snorkeling the Golfo Dulce
Bird Watching Playa Preciosa (Precious Beach)
Casa Orquideas by Boat Gold Panning
Horseback Riding Golfo Dulce Excursion by Boat

All NEW Canopy Tour by Zip Line!

The Osa Rainforest
Costa Rica ToursEnjoy the majesty of the rainforest in a day! The tropical lowland rainforest is the most species-rich land-based ecosystem on Earth. From brilliantly colored birds like the scarlet macaw and the chestnut mandibled toucan, to rare mammals like sloths, four species of monkeys (howlers, white-faced, spider and squirrel), peccaries, and wild cats, it is a land of wonder and enchantment. If you do only one tour during your visit to Crocodile Bay, this is the tour we recommend to give you a sense of what the rainforest is all about. Your senses will be heightened as you become one with your surroundings!




Waterfall Climbing and Rappelling
Costa Rica ToursYour guide will take you through the rainforest up a densely forested trail, traversing a rising stream leading to the rio Clarito Waterfall. Utilizing state-of-the-art climbing equipment, you will first ascend the vertical, 40 foot waterfall. After a rest and a chance to view the scenery from above, your expert guide will prepare you for your rappel against a torrent of waters and the thrill of a lifetime. Many guests want to do it again immediately, and that's ok with us!





Cross Country Biking
Costsa Rica ToursSee the Osa Peninsula countryside close-up and personal on our new Trek Mountain Bikes. The casual biker will experience the rolling hills and flats as you meander along country back roads past fruit tree farms, fields, rustic casitas and rancheros. The adventurous will be guided through jungle single-tracks leading to commanding ocean views and numerous opportunities to spot exotic Osa wildlife like monkeys, sloths, toucans and scarlet macaws.





Town/Culture Bicycle Tour
Discover a quaint Costa Rican pueblo (small town) on a top-of-the-line bicycle. This is a way of exploring that covers more ground than walking, while allowing for more detail and intimacy with your surroundings than a motorized vehicle. This tour can be curtailed to your personal interests and desires; whether it be a local craftsman, dairy farm, boat builder, church, or school system. It's a different world that invites discovery.

Due to the heat associated with the middle of the day, this tour is most appropriate in the early morning or late afternoon.


Bird Watching & Scavenger Hunt
Rain forestThe wealth of Costa Rica's avifauna in itself warrants a trip to Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica. With 854 species of birds in an area the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica is home to more bird species than continents like Europe, North America and Australia. Allow our expert guides to greatly improve your life list, or use this trip is a grand introduction in to the world of birding.





The Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden by Boat
This tour combines a short boat ride with breathtaking scenery, a visit to a National Park, as well as access to the largest and most elegant collection of orchids in the area, but also includes an all senses introduction to many important tropical fruit trees, like chocolate, cashew and mango; spices like black pepper, vanilla, and ginger; as well as a seemingly endless array of ornamental plants. Sandals or water-socks recommended for entering and exiting the boat. You can also bring shoes to switch to, once on land.


Horseback Ride
Explore the interior of the Osa Peninsula the locals' way, by horseback. You will be guided along isolated mountain paths and the jungle trails offering commanding ocean views and abundant wildlife. Throughout the day, you will have plenty of opportunities to dismount to rest and explore the rainforest on-foot. Shoes are required. Long pants are recommended.


Butterfly Farm and Crocodile (Cayman) Lagoon
Costa Rica is home to 10% of the world's butterfly species. The iridescent Blue Morpho is one of the largest and most brilliant butterflies in existence, and just one of the numerous varieties fluttering amongst the flowers in our own butterfly exhibit. The butterfly farm enclosure is designed to mimic the butterfly's habitat with the exact host plant species needed to perpetuate each species. There are butterflies in each of their stages of development, from chrysalis, caterpillar, to adult phase. On the way we'll'' safely visit the Crocodile lagoon on the property.


Sunset Ocean Kayak
Take advantage of the tranquility of an afternoon paddle in our sheltered bay. A short distance from the shore provides a commanding view of the sunset. This is also a chance to search for local marine life like spotted and bottle nosed dolphins, humpback whales, and several species of sea turtles.


Mangrove Kayak Ecotour
Paddle through the exotic and mysterious coastline of a river mangrove estuary. The serene passages of the river bring you silently alongside many exotic birds; like roseate spoonbills, boat-billed herons, and white ibis. Jesus Christ (basilisk) lizards dart across the surface of the river on webbed hind feet. Even howler and white-faced monkeys are known to frequent the mangroves. Single and double kayaks are available.


Snorkeling the Golfo Dulce by Boat
With eighty-degree warn waters snorkeling the Golfo Dulce is inviting and fascinating. You will visit a variety of marine habitats including brain coral reefs and rock pinnacles, in this multi-dive trip. Colorful reef fish like parrot, angel, butterfly fish abound, as do Moorish idols, sergeant majors and many others. There are moray eels, rays, octopi, and the occasional shark. Our knowledgeable guides and captains will keep you safe and well informed while you swim with the fishes! Includes all equipment. Half day counts as a full day in ecotour packages.


Playa Preciosa ("Precious Beach")
What better way to relax than on a tranquil, tropical beach? It is a 10 minute ride to this secluded beach perfect for body surfing, swimming or kicking back as you enjoy the breath taking views.


Gold Panning
Before becoming Central America's premier rainforest destination, the Osa Peninsula was famous for its high grade and abundant gold deposits. Visit the claim of a local, professional gold panner to learn the tricks of the trade and try your luck at striking it rich. Find out why Columbus named this country the "Rich Coast"


Golfo Dulce Excursion by Boat
The Golfo Dulce is 30 miles long and it is nearly a half hour by boat just to go to the far shore and the larger town of Golfito. For the non-anglers who want to enjoy the wind and spray on their face and see the sites and shorelines, the pelicans and the turtles, the dolphins and perhaps a whale or whale shark or two. Half day counts as a full day in ecotour packages.


Rainforest Canopy Tour
Experience the thrill of a seven platform canopy tour in a primary rainforest. Using the use of state-of-the-art, safe, zip lines, you will experience a primary rainforest from the canopy. Witness flora and fauna from a whole new perspective! Tour includes park entrance fees, lunch, guides, and transportation.

This retreat is limited only by your imagination!

Contact us to learn how you can incorporate this magnificent location into your next retreat!