Building Executive Teams


Point A - Where is Your Group Right Now?




Tune Up Time!

Tune up

Understanding the next step to take in a team that seems to be going in circles is our specialty!

There is sufficient productivity and everyone is 'nice' to each other, but it is clear that 'satisfactory' results are all that will ever be achieved.

Additionally, this may be hiding a problem that is preventing the group from achieving better than 'Satisfactory' results.

The good news is that everyone hungers to be part of a truly performing team. If we can help them become the team they all want, there is very little resistance.

What to do?

A conversation with one of our experts is the first step.

This is a complimentary consultative and facilitative process that will help us better understand your group, the challenges they face and what the stakeholders expectation of the group may be.

From there, we begin discovery around Point B and what that looks like from every perspective.

Point B - Where Do You Want Your Group to Be?

After the initial defining of Point A, a solution is created in partnership with you.

The solution is designed in a Milestone format with continual check-in opportunties to ensure we are being effective in our efforts.

Each Milestone has objectives, deliverables from Be Legendary and 'Stop / Continue' opportunities. This allows you to stay in control during the entire process as well as in control of your budget. If circumstances change in your organization, we can adjust at any point.

This Milestone system allows for maximum flexibility in our partnership.



Complete Engagement Report

After every single engagement, whether it is a single workshop or, year-long engagement working at several levels of the organization and individual coaching, we provide a Complete Engagement Report.

teambuilding planThe Complete Engagement Report will outline everything, including Next Steps to be taken to further the efforts within your organization. Our goal is make is completely clear and transparent about Point A and Point B at all times.

Look to the left for links to common workshops. Read below for information about our workshops and some of the most popular below.

Corporate environments are tricky and challenging when it comes to 'team building'.

There is a pervasive mentality of 'been there, done that' with images of falling backwards into the group that catches them -- the Trust Fall.

Capturing their attention within minutes and keeping it throughout the program is the goal of every 'team building' event, program or workshop we run.

Additionally, a recent survey found that almost 75% of all corporate employees have an exit strategy.

This has caused us to carefully consider two questions:

  • How do you create a meaningful experience for an audience that is mentally prepared to leave at any time?
  • How do you get them to care enough to change?

Keeping these thoughts in the forefront of our minds, we have created workshops to move even the most cynical of participants.<

However, before you begin selecting workshops, think about how you will reinforce the workshop moving forward.

The workshops are designed for group of 25 or less. If you have a larger group, please see our Conferences Services.


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