Building Executive Teams

Point A - Where is Your Group Right Now?




Creating a Legendary Team

Workshops in this arena focus on the discovery process. These workshops are highly experiential to help the team fresh ideasdiscover for themselves where is the best

There is always a way to improve upon what you to. Be more efficient, increase productivity, increase quality.

High functioning teams know this and seek out ways to improve, understanding that an outside influence is typically the easiest ways to spot areas for improvement. This is because the easiest areas for improvement always lie with the human beings in the process.

Change within high-performing teams must be small 'tweaks' to prevent major disruption. Breakthrough moments are possible when you step aside during a retreat or similar function, but small incremental improvements are all that you want here.

Imagine a race car circling an oval track as fast as possible. The driver and pit crew are working perfectly but also know there is room for improvement. Making a major change during a race is like putting a speed bump in the middle of the track - disaster.

Small changes can, and must, occur during the race but any major changes occur in between races. When the team is traveling between locations.

Additionally, use caution when re-fueling the vehicle. This typically comes in the form of a reward or 'team building' for the high-performing team.

Too often, the fuel is watered down (silly 'team building') and causes more harm than good. High-performing cars, and teams, require the best fuel possible.

Point B - Where Do You Want Your Group to Be?


After the initial defining of Point A, a solution is created in partnership with you.

The solution is designed in a Milestone format with continual check-in opportunties to ensure we are being effective in our efforts.

Each Milestone has objectives, deliverables from Be Legendary and 'Stop / Continue' opportunities. This allows you to stay in control during the entire process as well as in control of your budget. If circumstances change in your organization, we can adjust at any point.

This Milestone system allows for maximum flexibility in our partnership.