Trust Walk

Team Building Activity

Participants: 8 - 32
Location:   Inside and Outside (Outside is better by far)
Activity Level:   Medium
Time Needed:   15 to 20 Minutes plus debrief - 45 to 60 minutes total
Objectives:   Coaching, Trust, Communication


This is one of the most powerful and, ironically, one of the simplest events.

Trust Walk is about leading, following, trusting and communicating.

Many leadership styles emerge during this event. Some find it difficult to be responsible for another person’s safety and others find it exhilarating. To trust or give up control can be very hard for some people.

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A glimpse into Trust Walk

After pairing up, each individual takes turns leading the other person through obstacles and overcoming adversity. While a very simplistic activity, many people find it difficult to trust their partner and find they will 'cheat'.

Because it is so simply, very few people take the time to strategize or find out exactly how far 'X' number of steps is for their partner. This create the scenario for a great lesson in coaching -- we need to communicate with other people the way THEY hear it best, not the way WE hear it best. This is an activity every manager should master before going back to work!

With several variations, you can run this activity with both pairs alone and then all the pairs together at the same time to create a completely different level of communication.

Who should buy Trust Walk?

Trust Walk is perfect for a group who must instruct or direct anyone. The need for good, clear communication in a style that the receiver will hear best is a VERY difficult concept to practice. You can tell someone all day long in the classrooom, but try and actually do it. We instinctually refer back to what we know -- that is our default. As supervisors, educators, managers, we need to be sure we are communicating in a way that the recipient will understand it.

Whatever the experience, the Trust Walk is a powerful learning opportunity. Do not let the cost have a negative impression about the potential. This exercise is a great way to start or finish an event, meeting, workshop or any other function in which it would be valuable for some self-examination and how you impact your group or team.

We do not recommend driving any motorized vehicle during this event.

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