Corporate Team Building

No Child Left Behind, love it or hate it, has created monumental change among educators.

Many administrators are left with a seemingly impossible challenge with no resources and an entrenched group of teachers, many of whom are resisting the change.

We have designed a program to help administrators and teachers navigate these new and difficult waters.

Objectives of No Teacher Left Behind:

  1. Student-Centered Learning Classroom – how to create a group learning and collaborative culture in the classroom in which students become self-advocates and responsible for their own learning.
  2. Understand how data driven decision making affects teaching – Decisions administrators must make and why they make not seem to make sense.  Additionally, teachers will understand how to use data and make positive decisions for their classroom.
  3. Understanding the new role of the teacher and how the role will continue to change – teachers must stop perceiving themselves as ‘kings’ or ‘queens’ of their own small kingdom, the keeper of knowledge and become a team player for the school and a coach and facilitator for their students.
  4. This program is a model for what can be used in the classroom -- every tool we use can be used in the classroom to create a ‘team’ culture and atmosphere.


How does No Child Left Behind and the No Teacher Left Behind Program benefit teachers?

  • A more positive work environment in which teachers support one another, communicate effectively, work together for a child’s entire education, trust one another.
  • Good teachers will be rewarded through recognition for doing a good job and the recognition will be based upon data, not gut feelings that ‘he is a good teacher’.
  • Increased consistency through accountability.  If a child comes into my class from another, I know they will be at a certain skill level because the other teachers are teaching the same curriculum.  This means that my data will not be skewed by a teacher not doing their job.
  • Creating a ‘team’ culture within the classroom will make teaching easier as students are encouraged to hold themselves accountable for their own learning and will voluntarily help other students who may be behind.
  • Shared experience through Professional Learning Communities.

What do you get when you sign up for the No Teacher Left Behind Program?

    1. Two facilitated 8-hour days to kick off the program.
    2. Four follow-up half days with a professional facilitator scheduled throughout the school year.
    3. Back End Access
    4. Two-Hour Session with Leadership Team
    5. Assessment for each teacher that will provide the backbone for the entire process.
    6. Goal-Setting software to create an updateable action plan.  This will help increase accountability through everyone knowing exactly what is required by whom and by what deadline. 
    7. Ten hours of coaching to increase the skills of a dedicated ‘champion’ in the school who will continue to reinforce the program throughout the entire year.
    8. Unlimited access to our professional facilitators to run activities with the staff on a regular basis.
Agenda Day 1
  • Introduction and Overview of objectives
  • Four Elements of NCLB
  • How this program and NCLB will benefit teachers.
     Activity will demonstrate how consistency, good communication, trust, etc will accomplish NCLB. 
  • Changing role of teachers
    -- Activity to help demonstrate
  • Strength Deployment Inventory Introduction and Assessment
  • Finish Strength Deployment Inventory
  • Evaluation of teacher’s attitude toward change/teamwork using ‘Am I a team player?’ Assessment
  • Introduction of different kinds of decision making – consensus, directive, etc and how data-driven decision making affects teaching
    -- Activity will demonstrate different kinds of decision making strategies and the need for different strategies
Agenda Day 2
  • Creating a ‘Team’ Culture in the classroom
    • What is the definition of a team? 
    • Activity will demonstrate the benefits of collaboration and how everyone can win.  Using this idea in the classroom is the beginning of creating a ‘Team’ culture.
    • What do you know about your students and how do you use their skills to help create the tea culture?
      a.      Skills
      b.      Learning Abilities
      c.      Leadership Abilities

Action planning session with natural groups within the school to create goals and create an action plan around it using the software.

The cost for the entire year program, including materials, facilitation, travel, everything listed above is a base fee of $5,000 and a $125 per person fee.

Contact us at 800-513-8759 for more information about how to begin this process at your school.