Corporate Team Building
Youth Leadership Program

Developing leaders is probably one of the single most important tasks for each generation.

Healthy role models, critical leadership skills and personal beliefs come together to define the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Youth Leadership Program is an opportunity for students to participate in powerful activities and discussions, causing them to examine the current state of their leadership and identify critical areas of growth. The Youth Leadership Program is more than just conceptual, this program will teach the fine art of leadership through theories, activities and reflection.

Egos, cliques, friendships, diversity and campus norms are just a few of the realities your students will need to manage as leaders. In this Leadership Program, students will learn new skills in these areas and become more powerful as role-models for other students.

Using P.R.E.P. - Personal Responsibility Empowerment Program - as the backbone of youth leadership, we have created a program specifically for youth leadership.

The program works equally well with Student Government or simply a group of students who wish to become better leaders for themselves.

Where are Leadership Program's conducted?
This program can be conducted at one of our High Ropes Course facilities or a venue of your choosing.

What is the ideal group size for a Leadership Program?
15 or more

How long is the Program?
Our programs vary in length depending upon what you desire for your students.

Typically we suggest you begin with a one-day Leadership Workshop and see if the students feel it was valuable. If so, we can then look at a program over the school year or semester that will build upon previous learning and create cohesion among the students.

What is the Process used During a Leadership Program?
The process begins with a pre-course consultation to learn of the specific challenges and desired outcomes for your leaders and/or leadership program. Program then develops an orientation that weaves the appropriate leadership skills and behaviors into an understandable and enjoyable process.

The group then engages in a series of activities designed to immerse the students in the learning process and provide experiences with direct links to leadership practices. For details see: low ropes course and/or high ropes course events.

After reflection, each student will identify the specific leadership quality they experienced, either positive or negative, and how they will apply this knowledge in the future. The activities, challenges, and simulations become increasingly complex forcing students to go beyond their normal approach to leading and the paradigms that produce only marginal results.

As students progress through the Leadership Program, personal breakthroughs are unavoidable as each participant learns to leverage their talents. The program concludes with students verbalizing their commitment to improving a leadership skill or implementing new ones.

After creating and sharing their personal homework assignment, students leave with new skills, a commitment to improve and a shared experience that will sustain their personal and collective growth and not soon be forgotten.

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Many of our Leadership Program graduates go on to our Rites of Passage Program.